Everyone can be a model. That’s something I’ve believed ever since I first got into photography 20 years ago. Sure, I’ve worked with plenty of professional models, but a vast majority of the time I seek out people who are interesting, or have a specific look I need for a project. Or those people find me. People who go from “I’ve never set foot in front of a camera” to being models, simply by putting themselves out there, letting their guard down and allowing me to document them as they truly are. Still, after posting certain images, I occasionally receive comment such as, “Why don’t you photograph real women?” That is something I’ve never understood. Because whether a woman is tall, short, thin, plus-sized, old, young etc.,…She. Is. REAL. And all of them are models in my eyes. Hence, why I created The Model Lounge. Sit back and take a look around. If you’d like me to document you, to give you images that will allow you to look back someday and say, “Damn, I was more beautiful than I ever knew!” drop me a line. It would be an honor.